Z Nothing Beyond hot sauce review by Ragnar Snedeker

Today’s review is about Z Nothing Beyond hot sauce by Cajohns Fiery Foods.  I was quite taken by the heat. For newcomers to hot sauce, they should start small and then work their way up the Snedeker scale, as I call it. The flavor of the sauce is quite good. For hot sauce/pepper enthusiasts, if you want a sauce that has good flavor and heat, this is a hot sauce that I would recommend. Z Nothing Beyond is a good hot sauce in terms of the flavor and the spice factor. For its reported 4 million scoville rating (due to the pepper extract,) I would say that it delivers from the standpoint of heat and flavor. However, some of the other ingredients seem to tone down the heat, so that is a factor to consider. The flavor of this sauce could be described as having a combination of fruity sweetness and being balanced out by the heat of the peppers/extract. For an ardent chili pepper/hot sauce enthusiast, Z Nothing Beyond would be a good choice. If the individual or individuals in question just started out in the hot sauce arena, they may want to consider starting with a milder sauce and work their way up. As to the other ingredients, they also provide some added flavors that provide some balance with the heat to some extent.


  1. Perry Casilio · January 26, 2019

    Fascinating! As an ardent fan of Mexican food, I’ll be keeping an eye on your reviews + insights.

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  2. ragnarsbhut · January 26, 2019

    Perry Casilio,

    I know that some people have a profound tolerance to hot sauces and spicy foods. I know that there are those whose tolerance is limited or non-existent. How would you rate your threshold for spicy foods?

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    • Perry Casilio · April 30, 2019

      As I’ve gotten older, my tolerance for extremely hot sauces + spicy foods has gone down a little. However, I still love + devour moderately spicy food.

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      • ragnarsbhut · April 30, 2019

        Perry Casilio, have you ever heard of Johnny Scoville and Chase The Heat on Youtube? That man seems to tolerate the hardcore stuff very well.


  3. Christy B · March 21, 2019

    You describe it well! I’m not much for hot sauce but my partner likes it 🙂

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  4. ragnarsbhut · March 21, 2019

    Christy B, if you know anybody else who loves hot sauce and other spicy foods, feel free to tell them about my blog. I will keep my blog updated as often as is possible. You said that your partner likes hot sauce. The mild, the medium or the super hot hot sauce?

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  5. johnbarleycorn12 · April 25, 2019

    I like the heat with the flavor still intact.

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  6. indianeskitchen · May 6, 2019

    Yes!!! This sounds like a great addition to recipes!

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  7. ragnarsbhut · May 8, 2019

    Diane, what is your spice threshold? How high can you typically go before it is too much?

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    • indianeskitchen · July 21

      Not that hot I love Chi Chi’s medium salsa. Sorry just saw your question from May!

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      • ragnarsbhut · August 6

        Diane, at the risk of stating the obvious, every person is different regarding their spicy food and sauce tolerances. For me, the only time I have any real problems is if I overdo it with the amount of sauce I use.

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  8. HerbBetterLife · July 20

    This is absolutely amazing, I am always looking for some hot sauce to try. I am usually quite hesitant to buy them at the store. I will stay tuned for more updates on your reviews, makes my decisions much easier. Where do you get this one?

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    • ragnarsbhut · July 20

      Herb Better Life, I found this sauce at https://www.unitedsauces.com/, as well as some other sauces. This is a sauce that I have tasted before. If you can tolerate a significant spice factor, this sauce does not disappoint. Now, the envelope should not be pushed, however, if you want a hot sauce with good flavor, this would be an excellent choice. Diane, this sauce is reasonably spicy, however, the flavor is quite tasty. I am a big fan of hot sauce and peppers. Despite how hot I make it sound based on my analysis, if you tasted this sauce, you might enjoy it. Yes, it may take some time to get used to, however, the extract flavor is not noticeable. Perry Casilio, you said that as you have gotten older that your tolerance for extremely hot sauces and spicy foods has gone down. Even though it varies from person to person, what are some of the spicier sauces that you can still partake of, even if it is in small quantities? I can tolerate a pretty significant spice factor. However, if the flavor is not there, it takes the enjoyment out of the experience. Christy B, you said that your partner likes spicy stuff. The flavor of this sauce is quite good. It has some sweetness to it. Having said that, when the heat kicks in, it kicks in. The heat is not too bad, however, it is noticeable. For this being an extract sauce, I did not notice any significant extract flavor.

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