Mongoose hot sauce review by Ragnar Snedeker

Today’s review is going to be of the Mongoose hot sauce by Cajohns Fiery Foods. I have had this sauce before and found the flavor to be quite good. For a hot sauce/pepper enthusiast, this hot sauce is definitely a good choice. Even though the sauce is thick, the flavor is quite good. As for the heat, the Mongoose hot sauce definitely delivers. When I first tasted it, I thought that there was a black pepper flavor to it. Perhaps due to the pepper extract or due to the possibility that black pepper was actively used when the sauce was produced. Regarding the heat, it is noticeable, however, it is not too much of an issue for me. The sauce is thick, so care should be taken when people are using it so as to avoid getting an undesired amount on their food. For a hot sauce/pepper enthusiast that loves heat and flavor, the Mongoose hot sauce delivers on both fronts.


  1. indianeskitchen · June 13, 2019

    This sounds like one I would love too! Thank you!

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  2. ragnarsbhut · June 14, 2019

    Diane, if you want a good hot sauce, this sauce does not disappoint. It is a super spicy sauce. However, if you can tolerate a significant heat factor, Mongoose hot sauce should satisfy any person who craves the serious heat. By the way, it has the Habanero pepper, the Fatalii pepper, as well as 3, 000, 000 scoville heat unit pepper extract. Due to how thick it is, great care should be taken when using it. Mongoose hot sauce is a sauce I have tasted before, however, the first time I tasted it, I immediately asked for the milk. Yes, the heat was that intense. With more use, I have been able to handle it enough to just wait until the heat subsides.

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    • indianeskitchen · June 23, 2019

      A while back my husband was making dips and I loved all the hot ones the best. That is some serious heat you are talking about! Not too sure I could handle that….lol

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  3. ragnarsbhut · June 23, 2019

    Diane, I have had the Mongoose hot sauce a few times. The first time I tasted it, I unfortunately overdid it with the amount I used, resulting in an immediate requirement of some milk. As I have used more of the sauce, the heat has not been too much of an issue. If you want to try some but are concerned about the heat factor that I described, maybe using a small drop of it in a barbecue sauce could work. Once a person can get accustomed to the heat, it may not be too much of a problem. Yes, taste is subjective, however, I would not be surprised if the people who go for the extreme hot sauces have a higher tolerance for it than those who do not.

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  4. Opher · July 7, 2019

    This looks pretty hot to me Ragnar!!

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  5. ragnarsbhut · July 7, 2019

    Opher, this sauce is not for an inexperienced person. It has 2 super hot peppers, the Fatalii pepper and the Habanero pepper, as well as 3, 000, 000 scoville unit pepper extract. The first time I had it, I overdid it with the amount I used, resulting in an immediate requirement of some milk. On round #2, it was just as spicy, however, not nearly as bad.

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  6. thegingeroptimist · July 23

    Great information. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

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    • ragnarsbhut · July 23

      The Ginger Optimist, the first time I had tasted this sauce, I had expected it to be spicy. However, the heat of the sauce had me asking for the milk immediately.

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  7. Umrah Sania · July 23

    Looking at your post I think you love spicy items a lot. This sauce sounds super spicy. But I never have things which are too spicy 😅.
    I will try this out once in my sisters sandwich and see her reaction.

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    • ragnarsbhut · July 23

      Umrah Sania, this sauce is very spicy. In all honesty, the first time I had it, I expected it to be hot. However, I recall that it had me immediately asking for the milk.


      • Umrah Sania · July 24

        This will be really interesting to try in my siblings sandwich. Very good idea to have fun.
        Thank you so much 😬 and have a great day.

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  8. ragnarsbhut · July 24

    Umrah Sania, if you have family and friends who enjoy hot sauces, hot peppers and other things like that, please tell them about my blog. I will keep it updated as I find new material. As far as my spice tolerance goes, it is pretty high. The only time this sauce gave me any problems is when I have used more than was intended. Diane, after a few rounds with this sauce, it has become easier to handle. The heat is still intense, however, I have been able to deal with it. It struck me the first time that I had this sauce that it had a black pepper taste, however, when the heat kicks in, it definitely kicks in. Opher, this sauce was hot enough that it had me asking for the milk the first time I had it. With more extensive use, the heat has been less of an issue. Yes, it is still super spicy, however, the flavor is excellent. The Ginger Optimist, my tolerance for spicy foods has developed enough over the years that I can handle a significant heat factor. I know from experience if something is too hot for my taste. Yes, perceptions can change if a certain hot sauce is used regularly. For me, the heat of the Mongoose hot sauce did take some getting used to. However, with extensive use, I have found the heat to be varying with the number of drops I have used.


  9. America On Coffee · March 26

    The spicy pepper season and festivals, ie New Orleans, Tabasco are forthcoming.. will be a real treat to attend.

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  10. ragnarsbhut · March 26

    America On Coffee, Opher, Diane, Umrah Sania and The Ginger Optimist, I do enjoy this sauce. However, it is very hot. It does take some getting used to, however, with more use, I have had a much easier time handling the spice factor. The only other detail is how thick this sauce is, so care should be taken during application of the sauce. For me, it took some time to get used to this hot sauce. Mongoose hot sauce does taste good, however, due to the intense spice factor, care should be taken when it is being used on food. Its thick nature also should be noted before its use is to be determined on which food. Even with a lot of experience, this sauce does provide a significant burn factor. When I was much younger, I had limited tolerance to super hot hot sauce. Now, my tolerance has built up enough to where this does not give me too many issues. Perhaps I may get to the point where I can no longer tolerate the hardcore stuff, however, I doubt that this will happen at any point too soon. Keeping the milk handy takes the edge off, however, I tend to gravitate toward spicy items for the most part. Based on the name of this sauce alone, I knew that it was going to have a significant heat factor. Even though it is very hot, this is a good choice for any meats. For any and all people who have the “nothing is too hot for me” mentality, this sauce may cause you to reevaluate that conclusion. Prolonged exposure can help build tolerance to this sauce, however, this is not to be consumed by those who have limited tolerance to spicy foods.


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