Vicious Viper hot sauce review by Ragnar Snedeker

Today’s review is going to be about Vicious Viper hot sauce by Cajohns Fiery Foods. I have enjoyed the sauce. It has great flavor and great heat. Before the heat kicks in, there is a pronounced turmeric flavor. As far as the heat factor is concerned, the heat is noticeable, however, the sauce is great. Would definitely recommend this to any person who wants a hot sauce that has great flavor and heat to it. This sauce could be used on any meats and be tasty.


  1. thegingeroptimist · September 10

    I haven’t tried this. Sounds interesting.

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  2. ragnarsbhut · September 10

    The Ginger Optimist, the spice is noticeable, however, not overwhelming. Despite how hot the name implies it as being, I thought that the taste was excellent.


  3. indianeskitchen · September 12

    I love when a hot sauce is not just hot but has flavor too!

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    • indianeskitchen · October 5

      I was thinking about you a couple of days ago! I went to Jungle Jim’s (I did a post about it) and they had an entire section full of hot sauces! They labeled the aisles from 10 (HOT) down to 1 (Mild). I have never seen so many hot sauces in my life!

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      • ragnarsbhut · October 5

        Diane, thank you for your thoughts. If you can recall any specific names, what piqued your curiosities?

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        • indianeskitchen · October 16

          Actually there were so many kinds that it was overwhelming. I didn’t even look.

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          • ragnarsbhut · October 16

            Diane, I have heard of Jungle Jim’s International Market. Have you been there many times?

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    • ragnarsbhut · October 5

      Diane, I am the same way in some regards. There are times when I want the heat for heat’s sake and there are times when I want a sauce to have great flavor. Assuming I can get both, this is even better.

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  4. ragnarsbhut · September 12

    Diane, this sauce is not the spiciest sauce I have tasted. It is spicy, however, some of the other sauces I have tasted make this sauce seem relatively mild. I had expected that the sauce would be very spicy based on the name alone, however, it came across as being relatively mild. The Ginger Optimist, as far as this sauce goes, it has a pronounced turmeric taste. Some heat is there, yes, however, the flavor is great. I am aware of the detail that people are different regarding their spicy food threshold, however, unless I overdo it, spicy foods never give me any grief.

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  5. jmshistorycorner · October 2


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  6. ragnarsbhut · October 3

    Jmshistorycorner, Diane and The Ginger Optimist, the turmeric taste is rather obvious. Some spice is there, yes, however, it seems to be mild.


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