Liquid Stoopid hot sauce review by Ragnar Snedeker

Today’s review is going to be of Liquid Stoopid by Cajohns Fiery Foods. I have thoroughly enjoyed this sauce. As for the heat, it is relatively mild. However, the flavor is excellent. It has a somewhat smoky flavor to it. There is a somewhat sweet flavor to this sauce that I have noticed.


  1. jmshistorycorner · November 2

    Your description makes me hungry.

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  2. ragnarsbhut · November 2

    Jmshistorycorner, this is not the spiciest sauce I have tasted. However, the flavor is quite good.

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  3. jmshistorycorner · November 14

    I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

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  4. ragnarsbhut · November 15

    Jmshistorycorner, I am honored. You said that my description of this hot sauce makes you hungry. Here is a link for you: You can find numerous sauces to choose from.


  5. Jyo · November 18

    Love spicyyyy sauces 🔥 and the smoky flavour is interesting 😍

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  6. ragnarsbhut · November 18

    Jyo, this is not the hottest sauce I have tasted. However, the flavor is quite good.


  7. America On Coffee · April 1

    What are the best foods to use it on? How does it look and what are some of the ingredients?


  8. ragnarsbhut · April 1

    America On Coffee, anything that has meat, grits, eggs, whatever you think a hot sauce is good on. It is a brown looking liquid. The ingredients are as follows: Water, Vinegar, Jalapeno Peppers, Onion, Garlic, Salt, Pepper Extract, Spices, and Xanthan Gum. There is a somewhat smoky flavor to this sauce. Jmshistorycorner, this sauce has a decent spice factor, however, not too extreme. Jyo, I am a hot sauce enthusiast. Having said that, if I taste something that is too hot for me, I steer clear of it.


  9. America On Coffee · April 5

    Are there any particular foods that would be complimentary to this hot sauce?


  10. ragnarsbhut · April 5

    America On Coffee, any meats, eggs, grits, omelettes-to name a few things.


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