Calavera hot sauce review by Ragnar Snedeker

Today’s review is going to be of Calavera hot sauce by Cajohns Fiery Foods. I found this sauce due to pure curiosity. As far as the flavor, I found it to be very much to my liking. Something I like about this sauce is that it has no pepper extract. Just pure ingredients to provide flavor and heat.  The heat is a medium level heat by my standards.


  1. indianeskitchen · March 2

    Sounds like one I would like!

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  2. ragnarsbhut · March 2

    Diane, it has enough heat to be noticeable. However, the flavor is quite good. As I said, I would describe the heat as medium level. There is enough spice to notice, however, not so hot that I would be unable to enjoy it.

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  3. indianeskitchen · March 27

    Sounds perfect!!!

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  4. ragnarsbhut · March 27

    Diane, I like the flavor of this sauce. The heat is not as intense as some of the other sauces I have tasted and reviewed. Having said that, this sauce has a great flavor to it. This could be used on any meats and would probably add a decent amount of heat.

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  5. ST · April 4

    In Thailand, where I now live, there is enough ‘heat’ in most food that only the brave and stupid add hot sauce to the flame.

    Lovely pix, btw.

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  6. ragnarsbhut · April 4

    ST, if by stupid you mean that people overdo it with spicy foods, any person whose tolerance for spicy foods is high could be seen as being stupid. Just my thoughts.

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    • ST · April 24

      No, I mean people (mainly tourists) who do not understand the food is spicy enough from the kitchen and doesn’t need more ‘heat.’ They end up making their meal so spicy that they cannot even finish it. I call that stupid.

      BTW, thanks for responding to my initial comment.

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      • ragnarsbhut · April 24

        ST, if you know anybody who enjoys spicy foods or peppers of any variety, be sure to them about my blog. I will keep it updated as often as is possible.

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  7. America On Coffee · April 4

    Are you the original Ragnar pepper company?

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    • Gottfried · May 29

      I was going to ask

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      • ragnarsbhut · June 14

        America On Coffee, the only similarity is in the name. Otherwise, there is no commonality. Gottfried, it is purely coincidental that the name is similar.

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  8. ragnarsbhut · April 4

    America On Coffee, there is no relationship there. The only commonality is the name.

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  9. koolaidmoms · April 4

    I like minimal heat but my son loves HOT. I will have to check this out for me!

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  10. ragnarsbhut · April 4

    Koolaidmoms, America On Coffee, ST and Diane, the flavor of this sauce is quite pleasant, as well as the spice factor. This sauce has a decent level of heat. It is my personal belief that the flavor and heat work quite well together. When I first tasted it, the spice factor became quite evident. Not painfully spicy, however, just enough to be aware of it.

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  11. Sandhya · April 14

    I love to try all kinds of hot sauce, so this is interesting to me.

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  12. ragnarsbhut · April 14

    Sandhya, this sauce does have a decent level of heat to it. Not so hot that I would be unable to enjoy it, however, just enough to be noticeable.


  13. Hot sauce, yummm

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  14. ragnarsbhut · April 17

    Saania Sparkle, Diane, Sandhya, Koolaidmoms, ST and America On Coffee, what I like most about this sauce is its flavor, its heat, as well as the fact that it has no pepper extract in it. The heat is not too intense. Just enough to be noticeable. Personally, I could use this sauce on any meats and really enjoy it.


  15. cookwithreena · April 20

    Nice blog. Everything hot hot. Loved it. Have you covered Mathania chili of Rajasthan and Bhut Jolokia of Assam?

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    • ragnarsbhut · April 20

      Reena, I will be covering a wide variety of things. Stay tuned and if you know anybody who does enjoy hot sauces, peppers of any variety, be sure to mention my blog to them.


  16. sarchakra · April 25

    Where do you buy it from?

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  17. happyorbits · April 25

    I just love hot sauce and this one’s my type 😍🔥🔥🔥

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  18. ragnarsbhut · April 25

    Happy Orbits, I have a pretty high tolerance to hot sauces and spicy foods. When my body decides that it has had enough, I do not argue with it.


  19. Perry Casilio · May 18

    Hey Ragnar…I haven’t had a chance to try any of the hot sauces that you’ve reviewed. However, I’ve made note of some of these + will check with my wife on ordering some. Currently, we use the “Cholula” brand of hot sauce + truly enjoy it. Take Care!


    • ragnarsbhut · May 18

      Perry Casilio, some of the hot sauces I have reviewed have been spicier than other sauces. Be sure to look them over and you can tell me what you find to be most appealing.


  20. Vishal Veer lohan · 15 Days Ago

    Very good reviews. Good lines to describe .
    Keep writing !!!!
    Thanks for reading our blogs .

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    • ragnarsbhut · 15 Days Ago

      The posts may be infrequent, however, I will keep my blog updated as often as is possible. Feel free to tell as many people that you know who do like spicy foods, sauces and so on about my blog.


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