Ring Of Fire All Purpose Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce

Today’s review is going to be of Ring Of Fire All Purpose Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce. I found this hot sauce on the Hot Sauce World website and just got started with it. This would be a good sauce on grits, eggs, sausage, omelets, pizza, a hot pasta, ribs, chicken, turkey, even steak. The spice is between mild and medium, however, the flavor is outstanding in general. Would definitely recommend this sauce for people who want a hot sauce with good flavor and good heat. Even though the heat is not too intense, it is detectable and enjoyable enough to want to be generous with it. Garlic lovers would definitely enjoy this sauce. The red peppers add a sweetness to this sauce and also a great deal of flavor. This could be used in conjunction with a regular marinade for steaks and be really tasty.



  1. lobotero · May 9, 2022

    Sounds good….I have liked Cholula garlic….will give this a try…..thanx. chuq


    • ragnarsbhut · May 9, 2022

      Lobotero, If you are a garlic fan, this sauce is one that I highly recommend. By the way, you are welcome to share my stuff with family and friends. While my blog is solely moderated, I am delighted to have a dialogue with people about what I review.

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      • lobotero · May 9, 2022

        Will do……I do not think there is such a thing as too much garlic or cheese. One of my favorite brands is “Louisiana’s Finest”….they have a new “Roasted Pepper” wonderfully flavorful. chuq


  2. lobotero · June 16

    Have you seen the shortage that is brewing?


    This should upset lots of people. Be well chuq


  3. misslatoya · September 9

    I am definitely a garlic lover! I use garlic a lot. However, I am not crazy about things too hot and spicy. Otherwise, sounds delicious.


    • ragnarsbhut · September 9

      This has some spice to it. However, the garlic flavor is awesome.

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      • misslatoya · September 9

        That is great! I love garlic. Garlic itself is already a hot tasty spice. Anything else hot along with it would set my mouth on fire. So I know Iwould enjoy the milder version.


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