Bee Sting Pineapple Guava Pepper sauce review by Ragnar Snedeker

Today’s review is going to be of Bee Sting Pineapple Guava Pepper sauce. This would be good on burritos, pizza, lasagna, cheese tortellini, spaghetti, steak, seafood, Very sweet, mildly spicy, well worth the purchase if one wants a mild but very flavorful sauce. This could be used in conjunction with a marinade and produce delectable results. Pineapple is a great ingredient in a sauce or anything else that pineapple is recommended for.



  1. Christy B · August 19



  2. misslatoya · September 9

    I love fresh pineapples. It is one of my favorite fruits. My mother use to put pineapple slices on ham for Thanksgiving and Christmas when I was a kid.

    But, yes, Pineapples can add a certain nice flavor to specific foods.


  3. Kouzounas Kitchen · March 27

    I love pineapples and this looks good! I can see how well this works for marinades.


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