Chocolate Bhutlah pepper review by Ragnar Snedeker

Today’s review is going to be of the Chocolate Bhutlah pepper. It has a somewhat pungent aroma and Earthy flavor to it. The flavor is quite pleasant otherwise. Very good used directly with food or as pepper flakes, pepper powder or a sauce. Pizza, a hot pasta, steak, ribs, enchiladas, burritos, tamales, would be excellent uses for a pepper like this. Unless one has had a significant amount of food before consuming a fresh pod, a fresh pod on an empty stomach would probably not work well. My tolerance for spicy stuff is really high, however, I can imagine that consuming a hot pepper pod on an empty stomach would hurt.



  1. Christy B · July 20

    You’re right that it would be best to have a full stomach when having something like this!


    • ragnarsbhut · July 20

      I have a significant tolerance to spicy food. Having said that, if I wanted to consume a whole pepper, I would eat a good amount of food first. Despite the rumors, hot peppers don’t cause ulcers. Capsaicin, the stuff that makes peppers spicy, actually lowers stomach acidity. So capsaicin actually is good for our stomachs.

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      • Christy B · July 20

        Wow, good for you! I’ve not been able to tolerate spicy food well but know others that love it


        • ragnarsbhut · July 20

          It may seem counterintuitive, however, I go for the water and let the heat build as much as possible. After it has risen to the desired level, I let it decelerate by itself.


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