Chocolate Bhutlah pepper review by Ragnar Snedeker

Today’s review is going to be of the Chocolate Bhutlah pepper. It has a somewhat pungent aroma and Earthy flavor to it. The flavor is quite pleasant otherwise. Very good used directly with food or as pepper flakes, pepper powder or a sauce. Pizza, a hot pasta, steak, ribs, enchiladas, burritos, tamales, would be excellent uses for a pepper like this. Unless one has had a significant amount of food before consuming a fresh pod, a fresh pod on an empty stomach would probably not work well. My tolerance for spicy stuff is really high, however, I can imagine that consuming a hot pepper pod on an empty stomach would hurt.


Carolina Reaper pepper review by Ragnar Snedeker

Today’s review is going to be of the Carolina Reaper. I got a pepper plant from somebody I know personally and the peppers have been quite prolific in terms of growth. Pizza, omelets chili, hot pasta, soups, steak, ribs and chicken would be very good uses for it. Perhaps it could be used in a pepper eating contest, however, it would be advisable to eat a pod with a good amount of food beforehand. Definitely a pepper for a chili head to consume. This is perfect if used in a hot sauce or pepper flakes and powder. My pepper plant has been very fruitful and I am looking forward to making more use out of it. Something I have heard is that milk would only give people relief as long as the milk was in one’s mouth after eating a hot pepper but the heat would just go back up after the milk is swallowed. Personally, I rarely use dairy products to deal with the spice nowadays. I go for the water and just let the heat keep escalating. After the heat has peaked, I let it deal with itself, regardless of how long it takes.