Mongoose hot sauce review by Ragnar Snedeker

Today’s review is going to be of the Mongoose hot sauce by Cajohns Fiery Foods. I have had this sauce before and found the flavor to be quite good. For a hot sauce/pepper enthusiast, this hot sauce is definitely a good choice. Even though the sauce is thick, the flavor is quite good. As for the heat, the Mongoose hot sauce definitely delivers. When I first tasted it, I thought that there was a black pepper flavor to it. Perhaps due to the pepper extract or due to the possibility that black pepper was actively used when the sauce was produced. Regarding the heat, it is noticeable, however, it is not too much of an issue for me. The sauce is thick, so care should be taken when people are using it so as to avoid getting an undesired amount on their food. For a hot sauce/pepper enthusiast that loves heat and flavor, the Mongoose hot sauce delivers on both fronts.


Black Mamba 6 Get Bitten hot sauce review by Ragnar Snedeker

Today’s hot sauce review is going to be about Black Mamba 6 by Cajohn’s Fiery Foods. I have found this hot sauce to be reasonably spicy. For a hot sauce enthusiast, it would be a great choice. A beginner would definitely want to start with something milder. Unless one has a profound heat tolerance, this sauce may be too spicy for the average person. The extract in the sauce is not noticeable, however, the heat is definitely there.

Z Nothing Beyond hot sauce review by Ragnar Snedeker

Today’s review is about Z Nothing Beyond hot sauce.  I was quite taken by the heat. For newcomers to hot sauce, they should start small and then work their way up the Snedeker scale, as I call it. The flavor of the sauce is quite good. For hot sauce/pepper enthusiasts, if you want a sauce that has good flavor and heat, this is a hot sauce that I, Ragnar Snedeker, would recommend. Z Nothing Beyond is a good hot sauce in terms of the flavor and the spice factor. For its reported 4 million scoville rating (due to the pepper extract,) I would say that it delivers from the standpoint of heat and flavor. However, some of the other ingredients seem to tone down the heat, so that is a factor to consider. The flavor of this sauce could be described as having a combination of fruity sweetness and being balanced out by the heat of the peppers/extract. For an ardent chili pepper/hot sauce enthusiast, Z Nothing Beyond would be a good choice. If the individual or individuals in question just started out in the hot sauce arena, they may want to consider starting with a milder pepper sauce and work their way up. As to the other ingredients, they also provide some added flavors that tone down the heat to some extent.

The Hot Pepper Journey Begins

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